In preparing its recommendations for legislation in the 17 th  Congress, the  Secretariat  of  the  House  of  Representatives  was  guided  by  the  precept that  all  growth  and  development should  serve  the  purpose  of  enabling  all Filipinos to  enjoy  and  expand their  human freedoms  under  the  rule  of  law. The  Secretariat  takes  note  of  the  Sustainable  Development Goals  of  the United  Nations  –  recognizing  that  because  everyone  around  the  world regardless   of   geographical   locus,   age,   culture,   religion,   or   political environment, aspires to live well, human well-being underlies the pursuit of freedom and the quest for enduring peace.  

This  book  discusses  the  socio-economic  conditions  obtaining  in  the country and the corresponding legislative actions necessary to address issues corresponding to six (6) policy domains based on a development framework framed by the Secretariat. 

The  policy  agenda  development  framework  is  briefly  discussed  and graphically   presented   following   this   summary   to   guide   the   reader   in appreciating the discussion of each policy domain. >>read complete document

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