"The CPBRD provides ideas, policy advice, technical assistance, and information support in the formulation and oversight of socio-economic legislation that promotes sustained inclusive growth.  In pursuit of its mission, the CPBRD shall foster a culture of responsiveness, professionalism, and excellence."


“To be a recognized congressional think tank for policy and institutional reforms."


Specific Functions

  • Conducts socio-economic policy and budget research and provides informational foundations for legislation and oversight; 

  •  Provides analyses on the Philippine Development Plan, the annual National Budget, and other government programs and policy pronouncements;

  •          Assists in the formulation of the legislative agenda of the House of Representatives;

  • Provides the House leadership and members with technical information on important social, economic, fiscal and institutional policy issues;

  • Undertakes analyses of the impact of legislation, research and in-depth studies on identified policy issues;

  • Provides technical assistance to the Speaker and the House panel for the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) and other interagency  committees; 

  • Collaborates with research institutions and development partners in both private and public sectors for knowledge sharing, policy dialogue, and capability-building.


Organizational Structure