corruption prevention


    The Agency Budget Notes (ABN) on the Office of the Ombudsman contributes to the making of more informed reviews and deliberation of the proposed budget of the Agency submitted to Congress. The ABN provides budget-related information on agency plans and programs, physical accomplishments and financial management of prior year’s appropriations. This publication also highlights the results of program evaluation by other research institutions, as well as the audit findings and status of compliance of agencies to recommendations of the Commission on Audit.   The ABN examines the past, current and proposed budget in terms of allocation by program/project, type of expenditure (i.e., current expenditures and capital outlay), and shares of regional offices.

  • FF2022-66: Leaders, Laggers, and ASEAN 10 Performance in CPI, January 2022 Update

    The Corruption Perception Index (CPI) January 2022 Update states that the scores of several democracies which used to top the index and champion anti-corruption efforts around the world are deteriorating. Many of the high-scoring countries with relatively “clean” public sectors continue to enable transnational corruption. Moreover, corruption levels have stagnated worldwide during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in 2020- 2021.