• FF2022-01: Revenue Performance of Property Taxes in Selected ASEAN Countries

    Taxes on property generally cover all types of recurrent and non-recurrent taxes and levies on the use of ownership, and transfer of property. These include (a) recurrent taxes on immovable property, (b) recurrent taxes on net wealth, (c) taxes on estates, inheritances, and gifts, (d) taxes on financial and capital transactions (e.g., stamp, registry fees, property transfer taxes), and (e) non-recurrent and recurrent taxes on property (e.g., betterment levies to capture land value increases) (OECD, 2021: ADB, 2020).

  • FF2022-60: Schedule of Market Value Profile of LGUs

    Pursuant to Section 212 of the Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991, there shall be prepared a schedule of fair market values by the provincial, city, and municipal assessors of the municipalities within the Metropolitan Manila Area for the different classes of real property situated in their respective local government units (LGUs) for enactment by ordinance of the Sanggunian concerned. Section 219 of the LGC further requires LGUs to undertake a general revision of real property assessments within two (2) years after the effectivity of the LGC and every three (3) years thereafter.