Lockdown Severity

  • FF2022-25: Performance of ASEAN 6 in the Covid Resilience Ranking, February 2022 Update

    The COVID Resilience Ranking captures how the world’s 53 biggest economies (valued at more than $200 billion prior to the pandemic) are responding to the COVID 19 virus. The February 2022 update draws on 11 data indicators (from previous 12 indicators) spanning virus containment, quality of healthcare, vaccination coverage, overall mortality, and progress toward restarting international travel. The 12th indicator Positive Test Rate is excluded in this update because more countries now shift to treating the virus on a similar level to influenza, thus, in an era of high vaccination and normalization, it is no longer the red flag that it used to be (Bloomberg).


    Since November 2020, Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking has tracked a regular snapshot of how the largest 53 economies (valued at more than $200 billion) were handling the health crisis. The June 2022 update is the last update having taken into consideration that top and bottom rank economies have largely settled in their permanent rankings. The report shows the top rank economies which have effectively handled the health crisis by having able to reopen their borders and economies without substantial spike in deaths. Since June 2021, the progress of normalization in global travel routes and flight capacity remains the key indicators.