Tax effort

  • BB2022-02: The Proposed FY 2023 National Budget and the Medium-Term Revenue Program

    This Budget Brief starts with a discussion on the FY 2022-2028 Medium-Term Fiscal Framework and the Medium-Term Fiscal Program, with the latter establishing the fiscal consolidation strategy of the government.  Revenue projections from 2022-2028 are juxtaposed with the 30-year actual revenue performance to give context to what the revenue targets mean historically.  Medium-term revenue forecasts are also provided based on three alternative scenarios placed side by side with Development Budget Coordinating Committee (DBCC) revenue targets.

  • FF2021-66: Tax Revenue Performance in ASEAN-5

    The Revenue Statistics in Asia and the Pacific 2021 (OECD, July 2021) presents comparable data on tax revenues across the 24 Asian and Pacific economies. The report provides key tax indicators that track progress of domestic resources mobilization of these economies. The revenue database also presents detailed information on tax revenues broken down by major tax type by level of government.