Tax Revenues

  • FF2021-43: Revenue Performance January to April 2021

    National government (NG) revenues in January-April 2021 grew by 3.9% -- from P950.8 billion in 2020 to P988.4 billion. Compared to pre-COVID pandemic (2019) level, NG revenue performance year-on-year (y-o-y) is behind by P8 billion.

  • FF2021-66: Tax Revenue Performance in ASEAN-5

    The Revenue Statistics in Asia and the Pacific 2021 (OECD, July 2021) presents comparable data on tax revenues across the 24 Asian and Pacific economies. The report provides key tax indicators that track progress of domestic resources mobilization of these economies. The revenue database also presents detailed information on tax revenues broken down by major tax type by level of government. 

  • FF2021-78: Revenue Performance: January to September 2021

    Total national government (NG) revenues in January to September 2021 grew by 4.4% – from P2.14 trillion in 2020 to P2.24 trillion. Compared with the pre-COVID pandemic (2019) figures, total NG revenues were still lower by P90.8 billion or 3.9%.

  • FF2022-01: Revenue Performance of Property Taxes in Selected ASEAN Countries

    Taxes on property generally cover all types of recurrent and non-recurrent taxes and levies on the use of ownership, and transfer of property. These include (a) recurrent taxes on immovable property, (b) recurrent taxes on net wealth, (c) taxes on estates, inheritances, and gifts, (d) taxes on financial and capital transactions (e.g., stamp, registry fees, property transfer taxes), and (e) non-recurrent and recurrent taxes on property (e.g., betterment levies to capture land value increases) (OECD, 2021: ADB, 2020).

  • FF2022-19: NG Revenue Performance for FY 2021

    The national government (NG) yielded higher-than-expected revenues for full-year 2021 amounting to P3,005.5 billion. This is 4.3% or P124.0 billion higher than target or program of P2,881.5 billion for 2021 (BESF, 2022). Actual tax revenue sources stood at P2,742.7 billion, surpassing its program level by 1.0% or P27.9 billion. Meanwhile, sources derived from non-tax revenues reached P262.8 billion, an improvement of 57.6% or P96.1 billion from its program level of P166.7 billion. The difference may be attributed to higher-than-target collection by Bureau of the Treasury (BTr).

  • FF2022-64: Real Property Tax Revenue Performance

    The Local Government Code (LGC) of 1991 mandates local government units (LGUs) to generate revenues through local tax and non-tax sources. Tax revenues are from the real property tax (RPT), business tax, and other taxes while non-tax revenues derive from fees and charges and receipts from the operation of economic enterprises in line with the government’s exercise of its proprietary functions.