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In line with its role as a knowledge broker, the CPBRD has built partnerships with other knowledge institutions, reform advocacy groups and the various House offices to address the increasing demand for research studies and policy recommendations in pursuit of more evidence-based policymaking. More importantly, the CPBRD has charted specific programs to take advantage of existing opportunities and strengthen its participation in various knowledge-sharing activities. In fact, this has become a springboard for the established linkages the CPBRD presently enjoys with various institutions such as the Philippine Institute for Development Studies and the World Bank. Some of the initiatives undertaken through these relationships are the HREP-Knowledge for Development Center, the SERP-P and the ERBL.

In keeping up with this trend, CPBRD intends to explore more avenues for data sharing among offices within the HREP and for more formal mechanisms in its engagement with external partners through its institutional networking and knowledge sharing programs.

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